Hyper Inclusivity

An important element of the Fledge model involves the understanding that diverse backgrounds (zip codes, racial make up, spiritual beliefs, genders, sexual orientation, education, age, etc.) create a collective understanding that is stronger than a non-diverse background.

If someone walks in the door and ask “Can I….?” We interrupt by saying “yes.”

This effort removes a barrier to entry: fear of immediate rejection or in some cases a fear of acceptance (the elimination of excuses people use to not start their endeavor). By removing this barrier to entry, we increase the probability of someone joining our effort. This increases traffic to the Fledge which increases the number of guests, members and fledglings.

Like all efforts, we strive to be sincere in this effort. We say yes often, work with everyone and try to mature all ideas. For example, if someone comes in with an idea for a perpetual motion machine that we are sure will defy the laws of physics thus limiting the possibility of it working, we will still accept the project. Our worse case scenario is that we will all learning something about physics, electronics, statistics, human nature and so on…..

Inclusivity leads to diversity which leads to a larger collective brain (knowledge pool) and thus a more effective organization.