The Trap

I struggle with the decision to include this post or not as part or our co-learning plan or even as part of our history. I am including to see what your thoughts are. Be brutally honest, I need a lot of scrutiny on this one (and think I know the answer, but the crowd can surprise).

“If it wasn’t for the rappin’ we’d be trappin’.”

We always joke around that the Fledge is a trap. And before I go to far with this, I should explain what I really mean by a trap. In drug dealer culture, a trap is a house or dwelling where drugs are sold. To sell drugs is known as trapping. Like any good trap, there is bate and some sort of constraint that triggers at the right moment. And since we want the people we trap to come back and get stronger and healthier, our trap is a live trap.

So here is how we trap:

We set the bate. This is usually in the form of an attraction or a beacon. Examples of these include the Art Studio, the music studio ad the bitcoin ATM. We will discuss the beacons in more detail later. It includes the clubs we form such as our coding club, crafting club or robotics club. We host meetings such as the LEAP staff meeting, the MSU Entrepreneurial Ecosystem meeting or the Grand Ledge Alliance for a Quality Community. And we give tours to anyone who asks, from groups of one to groups of 200.

Once we get people in the building we use our diversity of services, projects, equipment, interests, and talent to get them stuck or in love with the Fledge. We dare to do the impossible. We do things for free, such as art supplies, 3D printing, and “Comedy is Fun.”